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European Metric & Non-Rotating Wire Rope

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High Performance Wire Rope designed in accordance with DIN-EN standards.

Standard ropes 6x7, 6x19, 6x24, 6x19s, 6x19 fi (fi=galvanized for the fishing industry) (6x25), 6x36, 8x19 fi (8x25), 8x36, 18x7,37x7 with diameters ranging up to 78mm.- Non-standardized ropes: 6x19s 6x26 6x31 6x36 6x41 - also with compacted strands.

For the fishing industry, heavily galvanized wires with robust designs, 3-strand ropes and GALFAN-coated wires are available. Ropes with fibre or steel core; in cross or equal lay finish are manufactured of normal or compacted strands.

  • Strands • 1x7 • 1x19 • 1x37 • 1x61 • 1x91 • up to 40mm.
  • Ropes are manufactured un-galvanized or galvanized, of stainless steel 1.4401, or of special materials.
  • Non- rotating special wire ropes Solif lex and Trif lex are available in stainless steel.
  • 4-strand ropes for on-board cranes.
  • ATLAS - the mooring line for the shipping industry.
  • DURA-winch line - our alternative for the price-conscious customer.

Soliflex non-rotating Compacted (32x7)

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German flag Made in Germany

Triflex non-rotating Compacted (37x7)

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wire rope cross sectional view
German flag Made in Germany

DURA 825

polyamidecovered steel core



DURA 826

826 compacted


ordinary or Lang's lay


DURA 831

polyamid covered steel core



DURA 836 ws IWRC compacted, fiber covered core